Export your LinkedIn contacts & import them into a workable Excel file

1. Exporting LinkedIn contacts

You can export all your LinkedIn contacts to a .cvs file and import this file into Excel.

– Step 1: Go to your LinkedIn homepage and click on the tab ‘Connections
– Step 2: Click to ‘Settings' symbol in the top right corner of the page
– Step 3: Click ‘Export Linkedin Connections' in the right column on the page
– Step 4: Choose ‘Microsoft Outlook (.CSV file)‘ and click ‘Export'
– Step 5: Save the document

2. Import your exported contacts into a workable Excel file
You can't save all of the data of your LinkedIn contacts, but you will have First Name, Last Name, E-mail address, Company & Job title. This is how you do it:

– Step 1: Open your saved .cvs file in Excel
– Step 2: Go to ‘Data‘ in the tab section and click ‘Text to columns'
– Step 3: Choose ‘Seperated‘, click next, choose ‘Comma‘, click next, choose‘complete'
Step 4: Clean up the empty columns and you're ready!

Now you have a workable file, especialy when you apply filters to it. Now you can import this .cvs or .xls file into your ATS/database and the contacts will be stored into your database.

Note: When exporting your LinkedIn contacts, LinkedIn only gives you First & Last Name, Email Address, Company and Job title.

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